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Whitby regatta is held in August each year and is a three day extravaganza of entertainment, parades, yacht and rowing races, competitions and events all culminating in a spectacular fireworks display. Whitby regatta is probably the oldest sea regatta in the country and it continues to drawn a large crowd of enthusiastic tourists and locals each year. Originating as a small competition between fisherman and their boats it grew to include yachts. From 1847 to the 1930's yacht racing was the major event at the Regatta but from then, due to the expense and demand involved in building such massive yachts, attention turned to rowing. With the establishment of the Jet Works Amateur Rowing Club in 1872, the Scarborough Amateur Rowing Club in 1874 and the Friendship Amateur Rowing Club and Whitby Fishermans' Amateur Rowing club in 1879 and 1912 respectively, the rowing events grew and grew in popularity and races between the clubs are still being battled out and enjoyed today.
The first fancy dress was held at the 1929 Regatta with costumes and decorated carts; the inspiration for the modern dress and floats parade and competitions. Each year fairground rides and attractions line the pier and the pier road and visitors enjoy the spectacle of the carnival atmosphere along with the exhilaration of stunning displays by daredevil teams such as the famous Red Arrows, motorbike and BMX exhibitions the Royal Marine Display team. As the final day of festivities comes to an end the cliffs and beaches are amassed with people eager to see the impressive firework finale.

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