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Whitby Goth Weekend & Other Festivals

Drawing on Whitby's connections with Dracula and the towns steeped history and atmosphere it is only natural that it has become a special place for the Gothic community and as such currently enjoys numerous celebrations each year that bring visitors from miles around to its streets.

The Goth subculture is today found in many countries but is argued to have originated in Britain, in the late 70's early 80's, growing out of the post-punk gothic-rock scene. Individuals within the subculture are often associated by shared tastes to a greater or lesser extent in attire, music, ideology and aesthetics. Attire is often influenced by the aesthetics of 19th century Europe and its literature as well as gothic horror films and novels. The overall commonality is likely to be a dominance of the colour black but can range from medieval to Renaissance, to punk and bondage inspired collaborations.
Whilst goths have often been accused of dwelling in the morbid and their culture with high rates of violence, teenage suicide and depression, it actually appears that an affiliation with this subculture is more likely to promote a tolerance of other individuals and their beliefs and members are more likely to be associated by a dissatisfaction with the societal failures perpetuated by current mainstream culture rather than depression or violence. At the core of the gothic subculture is the acceptance of individuality and personal creativity and so members are most often affiliated by shared aesthetic rather than politics.

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