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Room 13 by Robert Swindells

Room 13 is a children's novel written by the acclaimed awardwinning children's' author Robert Swindells. Published in 1989, and awarded the Children's Book Award, the novel centres around a group of friends, on a school trip, who stay in a creepy guest house on Whitby's West Cliff. The novel takes advantage of Whitby's sinister and Gothic ties and weaves a story of suspense that has earned its place as a firm favourite of children wanting the thrill of a little horror and suspense. Once again Whitby finds itself inextricably connected to a vampirish encounter.
Robert Swindell was born in Bradford in 1939. After leaving school at 15 and working on the local paper he joined the Royal Air Force before moving onto a teaching career which he maintained whilst writing up until 1980 when he decided to commit to writing full time. He has won many awards for his novels including the Children's Book Award for Brother in the Land (1984) and Room 13 (1990) and the Carnige Medal for Stone Cold (1993). He continues to write and publish his work today.

Room 13 is available to buy online from Amazon, here:

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