Whitby Food - Who Knew!?

Whitby is a cauldron, conjuring up a lot of magic - and a lot of that magic is food. Find out what mouth-watering delights you're missing out on, in Whitby...

I was born in Whitby, and I live in Whitby again now. In the intervening years, when not in Whitby, I missed it hugely. In part for the obvious, the sights and sounds, the harbour and history - but most notably and perhaps not predictably, for the food!

I often find myself (almost every day) tucking into something delightful, made in or around Whitby, better than anything I've tucked into anywhere in the country - or the world come to that - and I often wonder how many of these Whitby treasures are tucked into by visitors and how many are overlooked. A good few of my favourite things are not available on the beaten tourist tracks, nor are they heavily marketed - so I suspect a lot of people are simply missing out. Let's change that...

Before I make a list of my recommendations, I'm going to ask the wider audience for theirs; partly for inspiration, in case I miss something obvious, but partly also in case I have spent my entire life missing out on yet another wonderful food.

If you love a Whitby foodstuff, please help. Come on over to our Facebook page and see if someone has already recommended it - if so, give it a LIKE. If not, please please add it. It could be something you buy over a counter - or something you pick from a restaurant menu - anything, as long as it's food.

And in a food related motivational way, Whitby Online is offering a £40 Magpie Cafe voucher to one lucky eater who likes our Facebook page, recommends a Whitby food and shares our Whitby food Facebook post. We'll select one of you at random on December 21st 2015.

UPDATE (22nd December 2015): Thank you for your suggestions! The competition is now closed but we are very much still on the lookout for more suggestions...

I need your help. I want to add a new section to Whitby Online about the best food available in Whitby (and the...

Posted by Whitby Online on Friday, 11 December 2015
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