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Surfing in Whitby

Surfing in and around Whitby

Surfing is possible all the way along the East Coast of England. The main venues local to Whitby are as follows...
Surf Reports:

From North to South:

For the brave. A world class rolling barrel forms on the reef in larger swells.

Works best in a huge N swell. There's a number of breaks available. Some rather gnarly.

Can be a fantastic spot if the sandbanks and swell are right and you don't mind a paddle. If surfing near the car park at the bottom of Lythe Bank, watch out for the tide which can drag you effortlessly out to sea along the ness (I know!). The breaks continue all the way up the beach to Whitby.

Similar to Sandsend. When it's really big it's possible to surf the waves hitting Tate Hill Beach within the harbour!

Robin Hood's Bay
If you can put up with the long walk from the top of the bank, and across the reef, then this can be worth it. It can be the only place working on the East Coast; though it's rarely frequented!

For a very entertaining read about the development of surfing in the local area, check out this book by local surfer Jon Metcalfe, or for a more 'historically accurate' record check out 'Don't Jump Off The Pier' by Simon Palmer...

If you know any more about this then please send us some information.

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Surfing in Whitby
Surfing in Whitby

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