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Sandcastles Play Therapy & Counselling Service

Therapeutic support for children, young people and their families

Cerys specialises in supporting children's, young peoples and families emotional health through interventions of which she is qualified in, such as:

Play and Creative Arts therapy
Filial Therapy
Child-Parent Relationship Therapy
Lego Build-to-Express and Lego-Based Brick therapy

Full professional indemnity insurance and DBS compliant.
A certified member of Play Therapy UK (PTUK) and a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) (all documents are available on request).

A child's means of communicating varies considerably to that of an adult, and this is no less true when it comes to counselling and therapy as to any other aspect of a young person's life. As a play therapist and counsellor, Cerys is qualified in and able to offer traditional talking therapy (counselling) if appropriate but understands that a child's natural form of communication does not rely on talking. Using play and creativity allows a non-verbal way of processing past experiences or traumatic events in a safe, contained therapeutic environment. In childhood, communicating through play may be more effective in accessing a child's emotional world as it is a vital part of growth and development. Even teenagers and adults, moving away from childhood play, can find the use of creative mediums therapeutically valuable.

Play and Creative Arts Therapy - Therapeutic play is important for an individuals cognitive, social, emotional, creative and language development. Play Therapy can help children/young people in a variety of ways such as helping to make sense of ones own feelings in a safe and contained space. Children/young people can learn to manage their relationships with others and conflicts in more appropriate ways.

Sand, puppets, music, movement, role-play, clay, arts & crafts and toys are used to communicate with children and young people from age 3+. The aim is to form a safe and warm therapeutic relationship through playing and talking together in sessions, working with the client to explore the young person's emotional world, to help identify, work through and resolve emotional conflicts.

Play therapy is offered to support many concerns such as:
Trauma as a result of pre and post birth experiences
Divorce- separation (parental-family-sibling)
Attachment concerns
Social anxiety
Loss and grief
Low confidence and self esteem
Emotional Difficulties
Behavioural Difficulties
Communication Difficulties and ability to express
Abuse and neglect
Military children

Filial Therapy is a programme for parents/caregivers/guardians. Over a series of sessions, Cerys would work with the primary caregivers to develop child-orientated play skills to strengthen the attachment between adult and child. Sessions are structured and the carer is supported throughout the therapeutic intervention.

Please contact Cerys on 07528 175058 for further information.
Age range
Clients referred for Play Therapy from aged 3 upwards.
Clients referred for Filial Therapy/Child-Parent Relationship Therapy from aged 3 upwards.
Clients referred for counselling from aged child-adult.

Referrals are accepted both privately and from Local Authorities, fostering agencies, nurseries, schools and health providers. Sandcastles is registered on the approved provider list for therapeutic services (Yorkshire & the Humber Adoption Services) and PAC-UK.

Prices will be discussed at point of referral. Please contact Sandcastles for further information.

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Sandcastles Play Therapy & Counselling Service Sandcastles Play Therapy & Counselling Service
Sandcastles Play Therapy & Counselling Service
Postgate Way
North Yorkshire
YO21 2BQ

Telephone:   07528 175058
Mobile:   07528 175058



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