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Farming in Whitby

Farming of all kinds in and around Whitby, North Yorkshire

A short, but important note about farming in Whitby and the surrounding area.
Although Whitby is known mostly for its tourism and fishing industry, it's a lesser known fact that farming and agriculture are also extremely important to the area.

In the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, the land is most suited to grazing livestock, and many sheep and cattle can be seen when driving or walking around the Esk Valley.

In the lower lying areas much of the land is used for the production of arable crops.

A new farming revolution is also beginning to emerge in the form of farming of exotic breeds, and unexpected animals such as Ostriches, Alpaca, Lamas and Buffallo!

Whitby and the North Yorkshire Moors have a long history of farming and agriculture. There are references to this in the Whitby Museum, and more notably in the Beck Isle Museum, Pickering

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