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Whitby Distillery

Creating spirits from beach to batch.

We explore the Yorkshire coastline and dip below the wild North Sea to find those enchanting ingredients which make up our award winning gin selection.

Our distillery is current closed to the public but we are in the process of moving premises in order to offer tours. Please sign up to our newsletter on our website for more info.
Whitby Gin was born following a camping trip in the wilderness of the Outer Hebrides in June 2017.

Inspired by the islands many distilleries, Jess turned to Luke and wondered why her hometown of Whitby didn’t have one of its own.
With Jess’ background in business planning and Luke’s experience within food manufacturing, they felt they had the skill set to produce their own local gin.
By the time they had arrived back home in Yorkshire, they had created a business plan and ordered a small still. Over time they distilled an array of botanicals but discovered quite quickly their core botanicals as provenance and individuality were at the forefront of their minds.
They then set about building an extensive library of flavours to compliment the heather, sugar kelp and honey. They paired flavour profiles, some worked, and many didn’t. After 45 trials, many jolly friends and family who willingly volunteered to be taste testers they found the perfect recipe.

It took nine months, but Whitby Gin was finally born in Luke’s parents’ 40 sq ft utility room where they produced over 3,000 bottles while both working full-time 100 miles across the country.
Production has since moved out of the utility room and to an old carthouse on a local farm to allow demands to be met.

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Whitby Distillery Whitby Distillery Whitby Distillery Whitby Distillery Whitby Distillery Whitby Distillery Whitby Distillery Whitby Distillery
Whitby Distillery

North Yorkshire
YO21 1EP

Telephone:   07784 984893
Mobile:   07784 984893




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