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Bothams of Whitby

Bakery, Cafe and Tearooms in North Yorkshire

Since 1865, Elizabeth Botham & Sons has been a family run craft bakery in the ancient port of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast. Following our original recipes, the finest ingredients are skillfully combined to produce Biscuits, Plum Bread and Cakes of the highest possible standard.
We have four shops in Whitby:
Skinner Street, Baxtergate, Enterprise Way & Sleights

Two Tea Rooms in Whitby:
Skinner Street (table service) & Baxtergate (counter service)

We also have a Shop & Tea Room in Pickering:
Park Street, opposite the Railway Station

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Bothams of Whitby Bothams of Whitby Bothams of Whitby Bothams of Whitby
Bothams of Whitby
35-39 Skinner Street
North Yorkshire
YO21 3AH

Telephone:   01947 602823
Fax:   01947 820269



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