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Whitby Online was contacted in late 2008 by John Tunstill who had found a large quantity of high quality large format slides. He has kindly allowed us to display them here on Whitby Online. To view the entire collection, please click here...
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Thanks to an anonymous source, we are reliably informed that this photograph is of a council meeting held at Pannett Park.

It seems that the man on extreme left is Vivien Seaton Gray - clerk to the council.

The man second in from the right hand side, with white hair, is Horace Browne - museum keeper.

The man with glasses, immediately behind and to the left of Mr Browne (ie. 3rd in from right hand side) is Councillor Kenneth McNeil.

The negatives from which these photographs are taken come from a selection of prints and negatives purchased some fifteen years ago in Cheltenham. The prints have the name of Mrs Ethel Vart and various labels from local photographic societies, the negatives do not relate to the identified prints and therefore can not be assumed to have been taken by Mrs Vart. The prints are dated between 1933 and 1947. Mrs Vart lived sometime at Mulgrave Cottage, Sands End, Whitby. Any further information would be welcome.

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