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Whitby Witches by Robin Jarvis

Robin Jarivs, born in Liverpool in 1963, is a children's fantasy novelist who used Whitby as the scene for his well received trilogy The Whitby Witches Trilogy: The Whitby Witches, A Warlock in Whitby, A Whitby Child. The trilogy centres around two sibling who find themselves fostered in Whitby after their parents untimely deaths. The woman who takes them in is not all as she seems and the children soon learn that they too have special talents; which is just as well as there are some strange going ons happening in the town Whitby and some new visitors with very questionable and threatening motives.
So accurate are Jarvis' descriptions of the local areas in his novels that it is easy to believe that the creatures and entities he creates, including the mysterious Fisher folk, may indeed inhabit the town, its buildings and coastline. Many of his characters seem to be based upon existing local folklore of witches, hobs and goblins, barguests and the superstitions and rituals of fishing communities.

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