Whitby Food - The Best Of - Including Some Secrets Revealed!

After a year of intenstive research, we can now finally reveal the very best food Whitby has to offer. And the surprising thing is you probably didn't know about all of it - read on, some secrets will be revealed...

Whitby Food Secrets

Last year we ran a competition in order to find out about Whitby food. What's the best food in Whitby? It turns out there's a great deal, some of it very little known!

So in no particular order here is a list of what we believe are Whitby's best culinary delights:

Fortune's Kippers

I've said it before and I'll say it again, these are AMAZING! I've sampled kippers all over the UK and Fortune's are the best (or are they!?!).

Whitby Seafish Kippers

Wow! Just tried these the other day. Whitby Seafish are a relatively new kipper maker, producing their smoked goods (not just kippers!) in their Staithes based smokehouse. These kippers are fabulous! At least as good as Fortune's. Wow!

Fortune's Smoked Bacon

Not a lot of people know about this. Available in their Church Street shop and also in Landers butchers on Baxtergate. This is the best bacon in the world. Seriously. And if you're up for a little adventure - try it in buttered white bread with a lot of ketchup and a bit of lime-pickle!

Jackson's Pork Pies

A Christmas tradition in Whitby is to queue halfway up Ruswarp bank to collect a large Jackson's of Ruswarp butchers, pork pie. They are astounding. Are they as good as Petch's of Great Ayton?! Maybe! Especially their pork and apple pie.

Riverside Fisheries Fish & Chips

A local secret no more. Sorry! This is where most Whitby locals go for their fish and chips. It's a tiny establishment on the East Side, close to the entrance to Parkol Marine. It uses fresh cod and haddock (as do they all in Whitby). And is cooked perfectly (as are they all in Whitby, really). But the portions are enormous! Their standard 'fish and chips' provides you with a fillet of code or haddock so large it's hard to balance it on top of the chips. Wonderful.

(I'm sat here writing this at 11:30 on a Monday morning and I am literally in pain. My stomach is groaning. Yum!)

The Whitby Catch Whelks

There are some great seafood street food vendors along Pier Road. But I've tried the whelks in all of them and the ones you can get in The Whitby Catch are the greatest - and the best value too. Optional salt, pepper, vinegar and tabasco source available free. A fabulous healthy starter before your Fish & Chips!

Whitby Seafoods Ultimate Jumbo Scampi

Simply the best scampi in the world. Available throughout the country in major retailers. Made with massive whole-tail langoustines. With that unique, magical juicy seafood flavour captured between the breadcrumbs and the 'meat'. Absolutely scrumptious!

Radfords Steak Pie

From a reader: "Their steak pies are fabulous. Gorgeous pastry packed tightly with deliciously tender chunks of meat, and you can buy a carton of gravy to have with it when you get home. I have to buy several when we're in the area so I can put one or two in the freezer for when my daughter visits from Barnsley."

Bothams Coleslaw

According to a reader, simply the best coleslaw in the world!

Java Cafe Scrambled Eggs

From a reader: "Java has a unique way of making the creamiest most delicious scrambled eggs you'll ever taste. I don't know what Ben's secret is but they're unique."

Sunday lunch at The Board Inn, Lealholm.

Probably the best Sunday Lunch in the world. With arguably the best Yorkshire Puddings! For vegetarians they often do cod, perfectly cooked, with a massive Yorkshire Pudding on the side. Get someone else to drive because they also always have a fantastic selection of beers and ales to try.

Pork Sandwich & All The Works at The Greedy Pig

A local Whitby chap has advised us that this list is not complete without a mention of Greedy Pig's preposterously perfect pork sandwiches. We asked him for more detail about this delicacy; this is all we got: "Large pork and all the works!!!! Mmmm". If you have a photo of Greedy Pig we can use on this website, please email it to us!

Let's move on to the sweet things...

Bothams Chocolate Eclairs

Other manufacturers try to produce the perfect eclair, but fail. They put sugar in the cream, they make choux pastry that's chewy and soggy - and they use terrible chocholate. Bothams have hit the nail on the head with theirs. It's real whipped double cream with nothing added. Perfect pastry. And the chocolate compliments the flavours marvelously. Unchanged for decades; I grew up on these.

Bothams Jap

The best Japanaise in the world. Full stop.

Beckett's Cafe Homemade Cakes

From a reader: "Beckett's homemade cakes are to die for! Great big portions served with a smile!"

Did we miss something? Or have you got a photo of one (or some!) of the tempting delights above? Please let us know...

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