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Whitby 4 - Pictures of Whitby from 1959

Whitby Online was contacted in late 2007 by Perkins Heritage Group who had found a file containing 25 photographic prints depicting Whitby harbour, taken by W. D. Varney ARPS. This is one of those pictures. To view the entire collection, please click here...
Whitby 4 - One of 25 pictures in the Pictures of Whitby from 1959 collection.

Whitby 4 - Pictures of Whitby from 1959

August 2009
Dear Whitby Online,

I was pleased to see the old photos of Whitby (1959) by W D Varney on the website.

I would say though that I think some of them are earlier because to my delight I found myself on one of the shots rowing a boat and I would think it was more like 1957ish when I would be 13 years old.

I am in the shot looking down the harbour from the bridge with the Lifeboat house on the right of the shot with steam coming out of the sewing shop (on the right) - my rowing boat is on the extreme left of the shot - I am wearing a short sleeve shirt and grey pullover.

I used to hire the boat every day I was in Whitby (weather permitting) from Clarksons by the steps along from Woolworths and row all the way up to the Larpool Railway bridge and around the harbour. The kids in the school at the end of Grape Lane would shout abuse at me as I went past because they were still at school and I was on holiday.

I was hoping I might see a shot of North Star - Whitby No 12 or the Cobble Resolution (owned by 2 guys called Jack and Ronnie respectively) but unfortunately I could not find one. Jack and Ronnie used to do trips along the bay to Sandsend for holiday makers and I used to help them - it was great.

Thanks for the memory.

Steven W. Beasley

Until further notice, this image of Whitby is the sole copyright of W. D. Varney ARPS.

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