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Whitby East Side, 1922 - Whitby Holiday Snaps, from 1922

These photographs were taken in 1922 by the grandparents of Christine and Janine (nee Watson) while they were on holiday in Whitby. Christine and Janine lived in Leeds at the time and so spent their holidays, shop/work outings and whitsuntide on the east coast.

"We have these old photographs of my dad and his mother in Whitby - it's really interesting to see how people dressed up to go on the beach! Many men wore shirt and tie and the women completely covered up. We do hope you enjoy looking at the photographs; it's such a shame when they are shut away in albums.

Christine and janine"

Whitby East Side, 1922
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Holiday makers enjoying the beach in Whitby, 1922 Less than ideal conditions for sunbathing in Whitby, 1922 A very busy Whitby beach one sunny day in 1922
Modesty maintained with this wicker combination wind-break, seat and changing cubicle. Whitby harbour in 1922 Large sailing ship in Whitby harbour, 1922
Whitby East Side, 1922 The Duke of York, Whitby 1922 The Khyber Pass in Whitby 1922
Whitby Market Square, 1922 How cars used to be in Whitby, 1922 Sandsend near Whitby, 1922

Until further notice, all images are the sole copyright Christine & Janine nee Watson.

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