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Whitby Endeavour Rotary Club

Whitby Endeavour Rotary Club meets each Wednesday at Sneaton Castle and is for both men and women.

We organise and take part in many projects each year; for instance Whitby Endeavour Rotary Club recently ran a design and build competition for primary schools in the Esk Valley where they had to design a method for ancient Egyptians to move water from the Nile to the fields for crops, using materials provided. The schools which took part were Airy Hill, Castleton, Danby, Glaisdale; Goathland, Oakridge, St Heddas and St Hildas.

The winners were a team of 4 from Castleton School who recieved a plaque plus a book on Ancient Egypt and tools for next yaer.

The event was sponsored by the BHD Partnership, Cowen Windows, Jewsons and Wilf Noble Buiding Supplies. The standard of the design was very high.

For more information please see our website at: www.rotarywhitbyendeavour.org.uk

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Whitby Endeavour Rotary Club
Whitby Endeavour Rotary Club
Sneaton Castle Centre
North Yorkshire
YO21 3QN

Telephone:   01947 600051


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