Whitby charter boat fishing trips pontoon.

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Glenn Kilpatrick
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Whitby charter boat fishing trips pontoon.

Post by Glenn Kilpatrick » Wed Jul 05, 2006 11:50 am

The non provision of toilets on church street near the charter pontoon appears to be a burning issue at the moment. What are peoples thoughts on this ? Should there be a toilet there ? should people have to take a p in public?

Do we have any anglers here who vivit other ports ?

I was talking to some of the local skippers yesterday who are still sounding rather peed off with Scarborough borough council for not providing them with any toilets. This got me wondering, are they just moaning minnies or have reel issues. I would like to learn of what facilities are available in other ports and what the local councils provide across our country.

I have to admit I have a dislike of scarborough council. It appears to me they are running a business rather than providing services. A view of the prices at the local leisure centre and a comparison to those up the road in cleveland confirm that for me. But thats a side issue and just my opinion.

what do people from other areas think? What is available at your local charter port ? Toilets ? showers ? electric ? Or sod all ? do you have to take a p in public and risk your neck on broken planks ? (thinking of going down that one myself and getting a claim in).

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Post by McRod » Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:19 pm

Hi Glenn,

I can only really comment on what i`ve seen in Oban, Inverkip and Troon.

Not only do you get toilets, you get shower facilities and laundry facilties too. Toilet facilities are obviously free, others look for a small fee.

Seems SBC don`t care at all.

Very very frustrating.

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