Nightlife, Nightclubs, What's On?

Been to a great event or venue in the Whitby area and want to tell people about it? Going to one? Talk about it here.

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Nightlife, Nightclubs, What's On?

Post by Miss_Sakura » Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:04 am

I'm guessing that this may have been asked before and my apologies if it has. I was wondering though what there is in the way of goth/rock/metal/alternative nightclubs in Whitby? I have read there is a night that's done called Bunker 13 but that's only around the WGW (if I've read right) so I'm more interested to know what there is on a regular Friday/ Saturday night?

Anyone have any ideas or will it be fish and chips then the pub? :P

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