Saint Hilda's Catholic School.

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Saint Hilda's Catholic School.

Post by Mangog » Tue Oct 25, 2005 6:30 am

My father was an American airman stationed in Whitby from 1969-1974. We lived at 53 Derwent Road, next to some fields with horses. My 4 siblings and I all attended St. Hilda's Catholic School for some 5 years. Could anyone tell me if that school still exists? We went to a very beautiful church with a vaulted ceiling and a massive organ. Father Patterson was the priest. It would be great to meet someone from that school who remembers those times. Thanks, Manuel Chavez.

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Post by Love-Lies-Bleeding » Sat Oct 29, 2005 5:26 pm

Hello Mangog!

I went to that school in the 80s, the newer, brick-built one built opposite Caedmon School on one side, and Airy Hill on Waterstead Lane. It is still going. It was Father O'Hara in St Hilda's Church when I went there, and Sister (Agnes? I think?) had just retired as the headteacher and been replaced by Sister Finbarr. So I'm a little after your time there, I'm afraid.

St Hilda's Church had to have its spire replaced by a fibreglass one about 15 or 20 years ago, as it was beginning to lean and threatening to come through the roof!

You might also have some luck on Friends Re-united, if you haven't already tried there. :)
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St.Hilda's School

Post by sim » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:56 pm

Hi Manuel,

I remember the school, big old redbrick building with metal railings running across the front of the playground, it was still standing up until a few years ago when it was knocked down to make way for a block of flats!!

I was six in 1969, I do remember a couple of American kids, one was you but unfortunately I've forgotten the others name, I don't remember alot else but if your the kid i'm thinking of you were into drawing pictures alot! I was sat behind you in one of the classes, probably been very annoying..

Anyhow the teachers could have been Mrs Brown then maybe Mrs Codling and I think there was an older guy called Mr Locket who used to dish out the strap to naughty little people. Oh ye and the big boss was Sister Avangelist or something like that, very scarey..

Other Kids in the class you might remember were Anthony Scott,
Paul Sanderson, Dave Codling, Paul Organ, Owen Connolly, Mark Gross,
Anit Manoocha, Clare Paul, Steve Walker, Eileen Walker, Susan Gallon,
Julie Clarkson, that's about all my memory can manage.

Derwent Road is still Derwent Road, we used to call that area the American etsate as it was used by all the serving Us Airforce as you already know, it also had the best playground in the town.

The church is still there, Father Patterson's long gone. Whitby hasn't changed all that much really. Oh yes better name myself,
Derek Simpson

I've never managed to escape the place,..

Nice to hear from you..

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