Cllr Hartley

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Cllr Hartley

Post by FishingBoatHeritage » Mon May 07, 2012 8:12 pm

I put up a request for info on the Hartley Trophy but unfortunately have had no responses.
I have since had some success tracking down info on the Trophy which was awarded to the top boats during the herring fishing season in the 1950s and 1960s.
The Trophy was donated by a Clllr Hartley and his wife and first awarded in 1955.
I wonder if any of Cllr Hartley's family are still around and could give me any more info on the Trophy. This is a major part of Whitby's recent history and I would like to record it before the info/knowledge is lost forever.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
Douglas Paterson

David Perry
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Re: Cllr Hartley

Post by David Perry » Thu May 10, 2012 7:29 pm

There a couple of Hartley's listed in our phone book:-

Here are their numbers:-
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Try giving them a ring.

born n bred
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Re: Cllr Hartley

Post by born n bred » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:10 pm

I know it's a while since you put out your request, however I hope you might pick this up?

The Hartley trophy was donated by my grandparents, Cllr Jim Hartley and Agnes Hartley.

I asked my dad and he remembers the trophy but has no idea who won it during those years.

I will research it a bit more when I get the time and pass on any more details. [If I find any.]

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