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dog friendly

Post by hobsonbear » Fri Jun 10, 2005 10:36 pm

hi, my husband and i are hoping to visit whitby in september and take self catering accomodation in the town. however we have two medium sized dogs and although finding accomodation doesn't really pose a problem i was wondering how dog friendly the town is. are they allowed in pubs etc? are they allowed on tourist sites like the abbey? other places we have visited have not let us leave them alone in a cottage but also do not allow them them to visit tourist sites with them. personally i would like to leave husband and dogs at home and come by myself!

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Post by whitbyanubis » Sun Jul 03, 2005 7:13 am

Whitby is the most Dog friendly town I've known!! You are considered odd if you don't have a dog, and a little strange if you only have one !!
Consequently you will find many places willing to accept them.

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Post by DAV1D » Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:13 am

I have two English Pointers bitches and have managed to book a week in September, in a cottage near Staithes. I searched the web, and most ‘dog friendly’ places, upon further inspection, were ‘one small dog’ I finally contacted Whitby Holiday Cottages, the lady there spoke to the owner and managed to persuade her. Nevertheless less am not allowed to leave the dogs alone. Depending upon how I get on, I am planning on staying in the Whitby area regularly; so if anyone can give me contacts of “two large dog friendly” holiday home owners / agents I would be grateful.

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Dogs on Beaches in area

Post by RUBE183 » Sun Aug 07, 2005 12:18 pm

We are coming to Whitby for the first time next weekend. I'm looking for any comments about dogs being permitted on the beach near the area and any recommended areas for dog walks, preferrably not near to sheep on cliff tops!

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Re: Dogs on Beaches in area

Post by MarionHaste » Wed Aug 10, 2005 6:52 pm

RUBE183 wrote:We are coming to Whitby for the first time next weekend. I'm looking for any comments about dogs being permitted on the beach near the area and any recommended areas for dog walks, preferrably not near to sheep on cliff tops!
I'm not sure I'd bill Whitby the most dog-friendly place ever, but it is quite good. Certainly, there are dog bowls of water out all over town.

Dogs are allowed all year round if on a lead at Tate Hill Beach, which is a small beach inside the harbour itself, but - of course - you must scoop poop and it's only a small beach.

They are allowed on the main beach past the beach huts going away from the harbour all year round. If the tide is right, you can walk all; the way to Sandsend. If not, you can walk along the esplanade half way then pick up the beach. After September, dogs are allowed on all beaches. Check out tide times on the Whitby Gazette site.

Beyond that, there are lots of good walks - the old railway line accessed from Stakesby Vale – at the top of Bagdale – is a big hit with dog walkers and you can walk as far as Scarborough if you like via Robin Hood's Bay. You cross the most stunning viaduct - one of Whitby's best-kept secrets. There are no signposts for this walk from town - typical Whitby, doing its best to confound visitors.

These walks are very safe and no sheep.

Dogs are allowed in The Fleece pub on Church Street – the up-river part of Church Street; in The Granby on Skinner Street after 9pm (food serving over); The Elsinore on Flowergate – but don't go on a Sunday night when there's music on, as it's packed – and The Plough in Baxtergate, the main shopping street. There may be others, but these we know for sure.

You can have coffee outside by the old gun emplacements overlooking the sea and in the side passage of The Shepherd's Purse/Sander's Yard on Church Street. Until recently, you could take dogs in the garden, but they have stopped this now.
There's also a most excellent proper old-fashioned tea room at the bottom of the famous abbey steps with a little seat for two outside. You'll be lucky to find it empty, though.

There are two nice caffs with dog-friendly gardens in Sandsend - the Bridge Cafe and Wit's End, although Wits End is fearfully expensive - £2.60 for a large coffee and £7.50 for a prawn sandwich. You wouldn't mind, but it's only a posh hut ...

There's also outside at the wooden hut caff in Sandsend overlooking the sea and a beer garden one of the pubs – you'll walk past it if you walk through the village – which does perfectly good pub fare.

The walk to Sandsend, which is one of the loveliest in the world, in my opinion, is probably five to six miles return. Just tires our pooch out perfectly, what with all the other dogs to check out and chase en route. and you meet the nicest folk there too.

Have a lovely trip.

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Post by Odessy » Sat Aug 13, 2005 4:12 pm

Your walk across the viaduct is a secret no longer. I walked it today.
I didn't realise that the old line still goes under the A171 and what a view from the viaduct.
P.S the wooden hut cafe at sandsend would put a lot of restaurants to shame, and it's a lovely walk along the beach from Whitby when the tide is out.


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Post by MarionHaste » Fri Aug 19, 2005 10:25 pm

Ah well. I'm glad it's not a secret any more, but I wish the town or borough council would keep it less of a secret. It really is a lovely walk and not taxing – make a loop down the east side of the harbour and it really is a lovely circular walk, as long as the traffic isn't going mad on Larpool Lane.

And that beach walk is one of the loveliest in the land, I'll swear. There are fewer nicer ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. And I also like the wooden hut caff very much – it wasn't a criticism.

I hope the dog-owner found the reply too.

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Re: dog friendly

Post by lollymac88 » Tue May 26, 2015 9:08 am

Hello, tagging on to the original message here, with a slightly alternative query. I have just arrived in Whitby and am staying near the hospital with my dog, who had her first trip to the dog friendly beach in the old town yesterday. She loved it! Now, we only have a small yard where we are staying so I took her for a mooch to find some grass or a park to go and play on, and I was dismayed to find that both Pannet Park and the play park nearby don't allow dogs (understandable as they are both beautifully well maintained parks). I have read the entire thread and am definitely going to take her to some of the places you have recommended, but wondered if there are any parks / fields(ish) that I could take her for a run before bed!!! She's such a good dog, I'm very happy to take her to lots of different places!

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Lol x

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