Connection to Whitby Folk ?

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Connection to Whitby Folk ?

Post by Lesleigh » Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:27 am

Hello to all the Whitby Folk all the way from Australia,

I am so hoping I can find that we do have a connection in Whitby it would be lovley.

Currently I am doing my husbands family tree and we think we may have a wee lassie that might have married and left for Australia with her new husband. Tiz also some sadness to this story too.

Our young man is James Brown a yorkshire lad born abt 1817, James married a young girl by the name of Eliza Pickering in Driffield March 1837. James and Eliza had 4 daughters, Ann, Maria Ann, Harriet and Matilda.
Eliza passes away abt 1847 aged in her early to mid 20's and just 3 years later, James's youngest daughter Matilda passes away aged 3 yrs.

Our young widower James either remarries or has a relationship, we think with a young lass by the name of Elizabeth RIDLEY, born 18 Aug 1819 in Whitby. We believe her folks were William & Ann RIDLEY.

James and his new wife Elizabeth (Ridley) have a daughter by the name of Margaret born 1850 in Driffield. So I am to guess that either Elizabeth moved from Whitby with her family or by herself to Driffield and that's how she and James found each other.

Three years after young Margaret was born the young family decide to venture off to Australia onboard the American frigate, The Shackamaxon. Leaving Liverpool 4 October 1852 and arrived in Port Adelaide, South Australia 19 January 1853. The voyage across the waters were terrible. The first announcement of its arrival on the shores of Port Adelaide, Australia was soon followed by feelings of deep regret when it was ascertained that a considerable number of deaths had occurred on the passage. [ ... 1853.shtml] ( Link Shackamaxon)

Elizabeth (Ridley) Brown a young wife and mother who only in her 30's died on board the ship, just before the vessel reached the coast, and was buried by James's own bare hands on the beach of this new land that he had brought his young family to for a new adventure and better life.

And young Margaret ( Elizabeth's daughter) she married a lad named Aaron Harding in 1871, they had 10 children together, Margaret passed away in 1928 at the age of 77yrs. [ ... =228747376] ( Link to Margaret, State Library)

I would be great to be able to connect with the Ridley's in Whitby if any are still around, or if any are known or if anyone has a connection with Elizabeth, or her family, would be so nice to share the family history.

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